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A bath tub cut out of a large single piece of Quartz Crystal.


"what did you do over summer?" “disappoint my parents"

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"One day I’ll wake up and be glad I did"

- Something I have to keep reminding myself  (via shutdownthecity)

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"if you consider a woman
less pure after you’ve touched her
maybe you should take a look at your hands"

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Bosnian kids playing during the war (Sarajevo, 1993)

Photos by Patrick Chauvel




Times Square subway station

Miss this


Im a little sensitive but I always keep it G

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He’s praying for her.

She’s praying for him.

Little do they know, Allah sealed their fate with each other before they were even born.


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So when people leave, I’ve learned the secret: let them. Because, most of the time, they have to.

Let them walk away and go places. Let them have adventures in the wild without you. Let them travel the world and explore life beyond a horizon that you exist in. And know, deep down, that heroes aren’t qualified by their capacity to stay but by their decision to return.


- The Staying Philosophy (Everyday Isa)


"She’s the type of girl that can be so hurt but can still look at you and smile"

- Marilyn Monroe (via missinyouiskillingme)

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Midnight talks